ENIT - Italian National Tourist Board

ENIT – Italian National Tourist Board works for Italy to promote the Country all over the world. 
The promotion is carried out with a corporate strategy that is made in Italy and implemented through local offices and numerous partnerships with embassies, Italian culture institutes abroad, the Italian Trade Agency, chambers of commerce, trade unions and the Regions.

In the next few years, Italy’s tourism development will be focused on a valuable growth to generate economicsocial and cultural sustainability: enhance tourism supply, increase the value of the territories and businesses, as well as market relevance. 

Marketing strategies are based on the knowledge of trends, tourists, and products thanks to the internal Department of Market Research and Statistics / National Tourism Observatory of ENIT. 
These strategies are developed on any market, due to a precise demand segmentation. 
Operational marketing supports the products’ commercialization to strengthen the existing tourism-related products, introducing new ones on traditional markets as well as breaking into markets with a high growth potential. 
Moreover, the digital strategy covers any action of the Agency in an all-encompassing way.

For further info visit www.enit.it